This website emerged from a Facebook discussion about Nepali Christianity, involving various Nepali and international anthropologists, scholars, journalists, and others interested in the issue. As Christian conversion and the work of missionaries is a ‘hot topic’ in Nepal, there were numerous contributions, and strong feelings were evident on all sides. Despite this, the discussion developed in a productive and respectful direction, and by the end most agreed that it had been a thought-provoking and informative exercise.

This website has been created to save the discussion for future reference, and also to host what I hope will be a comprehensive bibliography on Nepali Christianity (with as many of the references as possible available here in electronic form), as well as an introductory article on the subject. The discussion was edited by me, Ian Gibson. I teach Global Studies at Abilene Christian University, and prior to this I completed a doctorate in anthropology at Oxford University, which focused on the growth of Christianity in Nepal. More details about my research can be found here.